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Hourly Rate

Each participant in a project can set an hourly rate. In the reports, the number of hours worked are multiplied by the hourly rate and shown next to the total and sub totals.

  • There can be only one hourly rate per user per company, accross all projects (because the hourly rate may vary when providing services to a non profit or to a large corporation)
  • The hourly rate is defined by the user in the user preferences, for each known company and the default hourly rate is null
  • Each hourly rate is associated with a localizable currency symbol
  • The hourly rate is a public information available to all users
  • The hourly rate only shows in the reports
  • In each report, a price column or line is added whenever a time is shown
  • The value of the price cell next to a time cell is the agregated sum of the time spent by each participant weighted by their hourly rate

A bid request has been posted for freelance willing to be paid to implement this feature

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