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Short overview and ideas for the future of ClockingIT

Export / Import (CSV and/or XML)

As I don't want you to feel locked in, and I also want to give you the option of migrating to your own installation this is very much needed. Some people don't trust my backup routines, even though I've never lost any data in ClockingIT.

Custom Task Types

New Feature, Defect, Improvement and Task is not always what you need.

Software Development
  • New Feature
  • Defect
  • Change
  • Task
  • Contract
  • Lead
  • Follow Up
  • Defect
  • Request
  • Query

Custom Task properties

ClockingIT is very much geared towards software development, and allowing people to add custom properties (select, textbox, radio button, checkbox) to tasks would allow people to expand and tweak the system to handle whatever they need.

  • Text Field
  • Text Area
  • Radio Buttons
  • Select Boxes
    • Custom Values
    • Project Users
  • Checkbox
  • Date

Project Templates

Save project as template, and import / re-use when creating a new project.

Custom Workflow

Create own workflow for tasks, for example

New → Verified → Open → In Progress → Resolved → Tested → Deployed

New → Verified → Open → In Progress → Resolved → Reopened

New → Invalid

New → Duplicate


New → Contact → Follow Up → Contract


New → Requested Information → Pending Reply → Emailed Solution → Closed

New → Emailed Solution → Closed


Contacts Management

Email Interface

  • Reply to forum notifications
  • Create tasks
  • Update task properties
  • Add reminders / events

Start Dates for Tasks

To be able to properly give an overview of the schedule forward, I need to know when to consider a task and when to ignore it.

Customizable Overview Page

SCM Integration (CVS/SVN/Git/Darcs)

CVS and SVN is mostly working, but I need to make an API so that you don't have to give me access to your repository.


It would be fun to be able to graph any property / pivot report in bar, pie and line graphs. They could also be included in the customizable Overview page to give a good visual queue on the projects status.

Public Interface

To better care for OpenSource projects, it would be great to have a public interface which doesn't require a proper user so that anyone interested could see the status of the project, and add comments and new issues.

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